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Solar Panel Repair

Solar Panel Installation

  At Powur, the procurement team works tirelessly to ensure that the incredible value of goods and services gets passed on to you-the homeowner. Powur contracts only the best and well respected installers in the nation. Rest well and know your family is secure, and your solar is being done right when you choose Powur.

Energy Efficiency Consultation

  It only takes a few minutes to know exactly how much you will save by going solar with Powur. Getting a quote has never been easier. All that is needed is a copy of your electricity bill. For some reason we can be a little nervous about handing over this information-I was too. In order to give you the most accurate savings report, be sure to have your bill ready.  

Energy Efficiency Consultation
Solar Panel Installation

Unbeatable Warranties

  Have the confidence of knowing that your system is covered by the Powur guarantee. Powur advisors help homeowners access top of the line products and services at the best possible price, while providing the most sound warranties in the solar industry.

Efficiency At Your Fingertips

When your system is installed, you will immediately have access to the Powur app, which puts you in control of your energy system and keeps you informed of the kilowatts you're using in real time.

Man Trying App
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